2-19-18 weather for today

Today we are having a rain shower 100%. I did notice flooding in my backyard. It is currently 53 degrees wind is currently at 13 MPH wind gusts from 15 to 20.At a estimated time of 6:50 PM EST for medina county we will be entering some heavy rain (yellow spots on radar) but will not currently be witnessing any thunderstorms.At around 8:26 PM EST we will be having a break but at around 9:11 PM EST we will be entering light rain.These are some unique cloud formations while during rain showers.
      Here shows a unique cloud formation to the west. (top picture). This is the weather gear I used. The 3 cups is my anemometer. The orange tip is part of my rain gauge and I also have a wind pointer, a thermometer and a compass.(bottom picture).



By Jonas Hinderer


What are tornadoes?

Tornadoes are swirling tubes of air that stretch from the clouds to the ground. Tornadoes can spread damage throughout the area it formed in.

Some tornadoes are thin and beautiful while others are dark monsters.

A tornadoes wind speed can go from 60 to over 300 mph.


Types of tornadoes


Wedge A wedge tornado is a very thick and destructive tornado.


Elephant trunk An elephant trunk tornado is a tornado that bends like an elephants trunk and sways side to side.



Rope A rope tornado is a very skinny and thin tornado.


Stove pipe A stovepipe tornado is a tornado that is straight up and down and gets that upward sucking motion (Updraft).


Rain wrap    A rain wrapped tornado is the most dangerous because it is covered in rain and not very visible.


Gustnado    A gustnado is a small dust swirl up along a supercell’s gust front.


Funnel cloud  A funnel cloud is a tornado that has not touch the ground yet.


Waterspout  A waterspout is a tornado that forms over water.


LandspoutA landspout tornado is a non supercell  producing tornado ( That means it doesn’t come from a supercell ) otherwise known as dust tube tornadoes.


Where do tornadoes commonly form?


Tornadoes can form anywhere in the world but the most common place for a tornado form is a place in the Great Plains called Tornado Alley. That’s where usually strong tornadoes form.Tornadoes form all over the globe but that’s where they most commonly form .Texas Oklahoma and Kansas get the strongest tornadoes .


How do tornadoes form?


Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with cold dry air from the Rocky Mountains when those two air masses Collide it can start a thunderstorm but what causes a supercell to start forming is a line of air called the jet stream pushes through those air masses which makes them both start spinning and when the spinning action starts growing then the super cell starts growing and so when the super cell starts growing a tornado is possible.When there’s enough spinning action I can start forming a funnel cloud and if that funnel cloud touches the ground a tornado is born.


The worst tornado in history.


A tornado called the Tri-State Tornado devastated through three states and was called the worst tornado in history.On the afternoon of March 18th 1925 this Tornado carved through Missouri Illinois and Indiana and almost hit Ohio.Another tornado called the el reno tornado was classified as the largest tornado in the world. It was devastating. The tornado had even killed three storm chasers. Tim samaras and his chasing group called twistex.  


The enhanced Fujita scale.


An EF 0 tornado may have wind speeds between 65 miles per hour and 85 miles per hour. they can damage chimneys break limbs off trees and blow over shallow rooted trees.


ef-1 tornadoes may have wind speeds between 86 and 110 miles per hour. they can peel the surface off roofs and overturned small trucks in mobile homes.


  EF 2 tornadoes may have wind speeds between 111 miles per hour and 136 miles per hour. they can tear the whole roof off a frame house and demolish mobile homes and snap or uproot large trees.


ef3 tornadoes may have wind speeds between 137 miles per hour and 166 miles per hour. they can uproot a forest and lift heavy cars off the ground.


ef4 tornadoes may have wind speeds between 167 miles per hour and 200 miles per hour. they can demolish well-constructed houses leaving few wall standing other structures may be blown off their foundations and moved a far distance.


EF5 tornadoes are the most violent tornadoes they may have wind speed of 200 miles per hour and over 300. and a violent EF5 tornado everything is gone it is completely destroyed homes are gone every building that is not well constructed is gone skyscrapers have all the windows missing and a whole city would be demolished in about 2 minutes.An EF5 tornado is about as big as Manhattan New York.


Watches and Warnings.


A tornado watch comes from the Doppler radar which indicates that there are the right ingredients for a tornado to form.


A tornado warning is a warning that there is actually a tornado on the ground in your area when you hear about a tornado warning you need to get into a safe place.


safe places from tornadoes. Do and Don’t


In Tornado Alley for the states Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota and North Dakota and some states west or east of that may have storm Cellars but homes outside of Tornado Alley don’t have storm Cellars so you should hide in a basement or an interior closet or bathroom if you’re outside of Tornado Alley. when you’re trying to survive from a tornado you want to probably put as many walls around you as you can and as many roofs as you can because the tornado is going to take out those first walls because  that tornado is going to hit the home and take out those first walls and that first roof so you want to put as many walls around you as your can and the reason why a bathroom is the safest place is because there’s more piping in the bathroom to hold down the bathroom and if there’s a tornado and you hide a bathroom that could probably be the only place that can save your life.


Do hide in a bathroom or an interior closet or a storm cellar or a basement.


You do want to put as many walls and roofs around you as you can.


you don’t want to stand by a Windows because if you’re standing by Windows than flying objects can come through those windows and you can get scraped by the glass or get hit by flying projectiles.


you don’t want to stand by outside leading walls because they’re flying debris like two-by-fours and stop signs can easily come through those walls and hit you.


do not stand outside and videotape or take pictures of the tornado while coming right at you or getting closer. (  unless your  tornado chaser )


Tornado Chasers.


In the show called Storm Chasers Reed Timmer Chris chittick Josh wurman Sean Casey Tim Samaras and other weather chasers join the show and Chase extreme weather.  in the show the Chasers take on extreme weather like tornadoes hurricanes and wildfires and blizzards. some Chasers might be out for the research of science behind tornadoes. like a grass Inside the Tornado the wind shear the velocity it has and most importantly the wind speeds. Tim Samaras and Josh wurman are both scientists who study tornadoes for science purposes.  unlike Reed timmer’s crew catches tornadoes for extreme video. In the show Reed Timmer crew chases with their upgraded SUV which is now aka the Dominator.  there modified SUV has metal plates that protect the SUV from being hit from flying debris and is also very heavy so the tornado won’t suck them up or won’t flip the car over because if they flip a switch in the car the car drops to the ground so the winds won’t get underneath the car and flip it over. with Reed Timmers new modified SUV he’s getting much closer tornadoes and getting the dream shot Sean Casey wants. Sean Casey is also just like Reed Timmer and wants to capture extreme video tornadoes. Sean Casey has two modified cars called TIV and TIV 2. Sean Casey barely uses TIV one anymore because it does not have 4 wheel drive so once it starts to rain on the dirt roads it quickly turns to mud and Sean Casey will get stuck in a ditch. but instead of capturing extreme video he wants to make an IMAX film of tornadoes. With an IMAX film it’s really hard because from normal chaser you just need to videotape and maybe collect some data from the  tornado but for Sean Casey he needs to videotape the tornado and get inside the tornado. Sean Casey’s new IMAX film called Tornado Alley is the dream shot he’s been wanting since Reed Timmer has been  getting inside tornadoes.


 Sean Casey and Josh wurmans’ crew VORTEX 2 and DOW (Doppler On Wheels) and TIV 2


Tim Samaras’ crew          TWISTEX                


Reed Timmer’s crew  Tornado Videos . Net          TVN         


Tornado movies and shows.


The day after tomorrow. Disaster




Tornado Glory: Reed Timmer’s life and Heavens rage DVD


Tornado Alley: great lakes science center


Tornado Hunters netflix      


Storm Chasers  episodes only on YouTube or prime video


Night of the Twisters DVD


Local weather media


Medina stormcast




tornado Titans


Types of Vortexes        


Dust devil        Find: Dusty places/ baseball fields


Fire whirls       Find: forest fires


Steamnado      Find: rivers or ponds/ Yellowstone National Park geysers


Leafnado      Find: Anywhere


Just remember whenever there’s a windy day you might just see a little whirl.