2-19-18 weather for today

Today we are having a rain shower 100%. I did notice flooding in my backyard. It is currently 53 degrees wind is currently at 13 MPH wind gusts from 15 to 20.At a estimated time of 6:50 PM EST for medina county we will be entering some heavy rain (yellow spots on radar) but will not currently be witnessing any thunderstorms.At around 8:26 PM EST we will be having a break but at around 9:11 PM EST we will be entering light rain.These are some unique cloud formations while during rain showers.
      Here shows a unique cloud formation to the west. (top picture). This is the weather gear I used. The 3 cups is my anemometer. The orange tip is part of my rain gauge and I also have a wind pointer, a thermometer and a compass.(bottom picture).